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Microsoft Exchange Server Issue Workaround is to Block iOS 6.1, Fix on the Way

In a recent post on its support webpage, Microsoft addressed a mailbox syncing issue that some users are seeing with Exchange Server 2010, suggesting that administrators block or throttle devices running iOS 6.1 until the probl...


Adobe Announces Launch of Creative Suite 6 and Creative Cloud, Pre-orders Available

Adobe announced the launch the company’s next major update to the company’s bundles of popular design applications, Adobe’s Creative Suite 6. This release sees new versions of 14 separate applications, including the flags...


Apple Releases Removal Tool for ‘Flashback’ Malware

Apple on Thursday released Java update for OS X that removes a number of common variants of the Flashback trojan virus. Discovered last week to have infected more than 600,000 Mac computers, Flashback is a trojan that is capab...


How To Delete Your Instagram Account (Before Facebook Invades Your Privacy)

Instagram is a hugely popular social network centered around sharing retro images with friends, and while it continues to add users by the millions, it will likely soon see a somewhat sizable defection in light of recent event...